The Art of Living

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The Art of Living
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"If any individual is compassionate and altruistic, wherever that person moves, he or she will immediately make friends."

This gorgeous book by the Dalai Lama brings together profound, accessible teachings by His Holiness on living a joyful life with extraordinary images that offer insight into the rich cultural heritage of Tibetan Buddhism.

Learn how to live peacefully with all people and with our planet. Master the skills to deal with anger and negative emotions. Cultivate techniques to nurture open-heartedness and compassion.

Photographer Ian Cumming's images of landscapes, monasteries, and Tibetan people, both the monastic community and lay practitioners, take the reader on a spectacular photographic journey into the heart of Buddhist practice. These photographs help us to deepen our appreciation of the context in which Tibetan Buddhism developed and to see how it is now practiced by those in Tibet as well as those in exile.

Ian Cumming is a travel photographer specializing in Tibet and the Caribbean and is the leading photographer with the London-based agency Tibet Images. His photographs appear in A Simple Path, another book by His Holiness.

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